Tips in How you can take Care Car That’s right : you have a car? or even you wish to buy a fresh car? That assists you to look at actions for sewa mobil surabaya you to keep ones car that we supply below. Government policies The item straight down your own duty vehicles through abroad and also increasingly effortless for you to do car credit make some people flocked to buy the latest car. and also intended for the individual who obtain a car will certainly not understand Tips on how to keep a brand new car so that the car every day you am sleek along with certainly durable.mobil2

care intended for cars

The actions keep ones new car:
Keeping your own car paint

Currently You can find stains or perhaps dirt with your current car body paint helps you wash It off in soap or even shampoo single made due to the car. Do not forget to be able to wear the special lap car, This is recommended to work with a good soft cloth. your own car park throughout a great garage or even car cover which has a cloth car cover with night. by the cold temperatures on night may fade your current paint of your car.
Substitution car oil

To turn car oil are good a person do under the same strategies Just as equal provision associated with vehicle manufacturers. Generally, While the primary turn of your oil in the car is shorter compared to in the turn right after that. so That your current car engine can be not easily broken good oil change In case not end up being late for the car.

Fuel consumption

In ones treatment connected with new car fuel consumption can be very influential. because use involving wrong fuel can produce damage on the engine of your car. Automated features of your car is usually in addition going to always be not optimal. Until you\’ll want to buy your current cars fuel-station fueling station official.

Wear clean water for radiators

The right utilize regarding water radiator is actually in clean water. Do not utilize water carelessly, The item assists you EMPLOY water with a pack This can be sold with just about all shops close. since Whenever ones water used to add your radiator can be dirty water, therefore your own dirt That is at the water It is going to settle and also eventually will probably clog cooling channels In your car.

Keeping pace New Car
Well beyond It You\’ll find measures to be able to keep your own car longer willing when i provide. Ie the time frame you drive your own car, This has good to be able to notice a series of points below so that you can progress durable car. Below is really a step by keeping your own new car when i drive fitting time:

Stay away via High Speed

Stay away coming from high speed increases the night out to help drive your new car, considering that the It\’s going to accelerate your current destruction of an engine.

Correct usage Transmission

Match transmission with genuine benefits, for low speed EMPLOY an low gear Equally well, and vice versa in high speed.

Charges ideal Match

Match loads in a suited The strain Using your car, avoid excessive no matter whether your own charge is going in order to make the car quickly is actually broken and also the drive is going to be a problem, considering that the generally overloaded causing unstable and straightforward highway accidents.

Stay away from Sudden Brake

Do not brake suddenly, considering that the It will eventually make ones car brake linings not durable, This will endanger the future is actually in the drive.
Stay away by Exposure in order to Sunlight

Stay away coming from exposure in order to sunlight for you to make your own quality of an paint will probably last a great very long time, can anyone wear protective paint sunlight.

Noda Clean Cars

Clean your own stain the car body from dust road and so Equally not to be able to make scratches towards the paint of any car, do not need to help always be washed, but You will clean This having a soft cloth, furthermore clean the interior Using your hand In the same way well.

Now ones add explanation of a measures we keep a new car intended for you. Hopefully your current car retains lasting up may always supply by you to be able to swing on the streets.

Cucumber is a vegetable that goes into the family of plants such as pumpkin and watermelon (family Cucurbitaceae). The water content in vegetables cucumber same as on the benefits of watermelon, which is largely comprised of (95 per cent) of water, which means consuming cucumber on a summer day, can help the body stay hydrated.

Cucumis sativus, section and two slices of Cucumber, close up

Cucumis sativus, section and two slices of Cucumber, close up

In Indonesia alone, cucumber widely consumed as a food ingredient that is not through a heating process (in raw food), such as salad or vegetables. Many consume cucumbers, can provide good properties for the body. Here are some benefits of cucumber are good for our bodies.

In Nutrition Ingredients Cucumbers

Cucumbers consist of 95% water and are naturally low in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, 1 cup of sliced ​​cucumber with the skin (about 119 grams) contains:

115 grams of water
16 calories
0.8 grams protein
0.2 grams of fat
2.9 grams of carbohydrates (including 0.9 grams of fiber and 1.8 grams of sugar)
In this cucumber cup, also meet the daily needs of 11% of substances such as vitamin K, 4% vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and manganese and 2% of the vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, B-6, folate, pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and copper.

Cucumbers For Health Benefits

Cucumber for health benefits are very diverse, eating cucumber will increase the intake of various substances that are important for the body. Here are reviews of a variety of health benefits for the human body cucumbers.

1. Protect Brain

In cucumbers are a number of substances called flavanols (fisetin), which has benefits in increasing the memory and protects nerve cells from the brain function decline associated with age. In the study conducted by rats, the compound fisetin progressively provide protection against Alzheimer’s disorder.

2. Intake of Antioxidants

Cucumber is rich with various types of antioxidants also consist of:

including vitamin C and beta-carotene
Antioxidants can help fight the growth of cancer symptoms and decrease the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease.

3. Maintain the water intake for the body

Cucumbers contain 96% water content are better than plain water. Memekan cucumber, may shy away from dehydration and certainly help neutralize toxins in the body.

4. Healthy Heart

The content in the form of potassium such as cucumber juice on the benefits of bananas, as well as magnesium and fiber consumed very good for people with high blood pressure or low. Potassium balance inside and outside cells is essential for the body, to control the state of the blood pressure in the body.

As an electrolyte, potassium is the ion that has a positive charge that must be maintained in a certain concentration (about 30 times higher inside than outside cells) in order to carry out its functions. This includes the interaction of substances to sodium, to help control nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction, and heart function.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Cucumbers are very low in calories, which works as the benefits of apples to the diet. Make a filling snack with a cup cucumber, containing only 16 calories. The soluble fiber in the cucumber textured gel in the gut, which helps to slow digestion. Stomach will feel full longer and this is one reason why fiber-rich foods can help control weight.

6. Good for healthy teeth and gums

Cucumber chewing can stimulate saliva glands to produce more and to reduce acid in the oral cavity as well bekteri growing in it. Another such pyorrea gum disease can be treated effectively by cucumber.

7. Supports Healthy Digestion

On cucumbers are 2 basic composition of the richest existence, and most necessary for healthy digestion n: water and fiber. Fiber and abundant water to clean the intestines of toxins. Cucumber skin contains soluble fiber, which helps add to the need to defecate. This helps food move through the digestive tract faster for healthy digestion.

8. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Cucumbers are very low in calories, but they make a filling snack (one cup of sliced ​​cucumber contains only 16 calories) .8 cucumber soluble fiber dissolves into a gel-like texture in your gut, helping to slow down your digestion. This will help you feel full longer and is one of the reasons why fiber-rich foods can help with weight control.

9. Help cure the symptoms of rheumatism and gout

Vitamins A, B, Folate, Potassium, Magnesium in cucumber mixed with carrot juice to get the benefits of carrots, can relieve pain gastritis and uric acid levels in the body.

Benefits Cucumber For Beauty Care

ketimunSalah a very popular woman on a cucumber, which is excellent for overcoming the problem of beauty. Here are the benefits of cucumber for beauty as follows:

10. Reduce dark circles

Benefits of cucumber on silica in cucumber substances can help rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. Enough compress it with pieces of cucumber on the eyes.

11. Reduce black spots

Grated cucumber dibaluri to the face and neck, believed to reduce dark spots caused by exposure to the sun. This is because the cucumber can be used as a natural tonic.

12. Preventing wrinkles

Benefits cucumber gives a sense of natural freshness to the skin, because it is contains water so good for cleansing the face and moisturize the skin. The cucumber slices enough paste to the skin on a regular basis.

Most of the natural food is beneficial amount of nutrients that are important for the body, as this cucumber. Consumption of every variety of fruits and vegetables to meet every body’s nutritional needs.

Natural and powerful way of overcoming the itchy scalp Itchy scalp make anyone feel uncomfortable. There are several causes of the problem, especially dandruff.

Other factors that cause itching on the scalp is dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, flaky skin and scalp fungal infection on the scalp. Fortunately, there are some panacea that could resolve the itchy scalp. Yuk look interesting reviews below!

Honey and banana
This mask can help reduce the flaky scalp, dandruff and other inflammation that occurs in the scalp. Honey is known for his role as a natural Moisturiser and also has antibiotic properties.
Mash one ripe banana and add a few drops of honey. Make a paste of the blend. Apply the mask to the entire scalp and leave on for twenty minutes. Keramaslah.

Lemon was able to overcome the itching in the scalp. Squeeze of lemon water and apply evenly on the scalp. Let stand a few minutes and then rinse obat darah tinggi.

Apple Cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties, and can kill the virus and fungus. Combine the Apple Cider vinegar and water. Then apply it on the scalp and then rinse with water.

Baking soda and water
This is the best remedy for itchy scalp. Make a mixture of baking soda and water, then apply it on the scalp that itch. Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse.

Picture of stairs design minimalist House Home interior decoration being arguably the activities easy but very difficult if we don’t learn how to select the equipment properly. A model of small-sized minimalist house staircase has its own advantages, one example i.e. not too many eating places so that the inside of your home still feels spacious. The error object to wear this next floor up the often occurs because the do not have a reference to the latest minimalist house staircase design.

An understanding of the important examples of minimalist house ladder to you know, the type of material used to make this minimalist staircase design various kinds. Vending services in the area of ground water in recent years began to develop creativity by applying the material size of minimalist house staircase design with natural stone. A glance at the display is so riveting when we see the results of the artificial human genius, namely circular as well as finish combines pebbles along the typical European wood. Try the first image you see the stairs following modern homes.

Minimalist Ladder Model

In general our society using cement for the manufacture of ceramic coated ladder. However, it is very mmemerlukan place. To that end, we recommend that you choose a ladder made of iron are positioned. That way, you will be able to downsize the place at once can beautify your home’s appearance. In addition to functioning as a liaison for each floor, the stairs in the House certainly can add minimalist kesen is good for your home interior if designed and appropriately. In addition to model the right minimalist house stairway, you should also pay attention to the location where the position of the ladder are kitchen table bench. To position a ladder that is not directly in front of the entrance, or not dealing directly with the door of your House.

Tips For Planning A Wedding

Each bride the wedding of her dreams would of course want to run smoothly, without having to worry much less stress. Follow five practical tips as you plan Your wedding.

Plan early
Procrastinating wedding planning is something to be avoided. So you avoid the stress due to things that are not important, do it early planning. That way you will have more time for preparation, more relaxed, and the planning process can also be done with fun.

Specify what you want
Decide type of wedding you want to make. Number of guests, ranging from custom to be used, to the theme of the party as a whole. After semunya clearly, the next step will be easier.

Know Your Budget
Now, the range of options for wedding party can You make to taste. By knowing Your budget, choice will be more specific and detailed. Choose what became a priority. This is required to avoid excessive expenditure.

Delegate A Task
If everything is planned well, the next thing to do is to delegate some tasks to execute the plans of marriage. Choose the people you trust and can rely on. That way, the feelings of worry will be gradually eroded.

Enjoy The Process
Arrived at the end of the preparation, it is important it was for you to be able to enjoy these precious moments. You are the bride, the wedding planner not to mess around with the Affairs of the wedding event. Submit this preparation to people you trust. Try to relax, order packages beauty treatments and enjoy the rest of the days before the wedding.

There are many reliable residence treatments for acne as well as if you do not read any kind of enhancement in your condition in a week or so it could be time to try several of the other DIY acne treatments.

DIY acne treatments abound but those that make use of baking soda are amongst the very best. Acne residence remedies that utilize baking soda are very efficient as well as most importantly No Side Effects!

DIY Acne Treatments

Prior to you apply baking soda you have to completely wash your face with a light natural soap. Soap without strong chemicals or perfume.

Do not scrub your face or rub extremely hard. Tough scrubbing up will aggravate your skin prior to using the baking soft drink. Lightly pat your face dry with a towel.

DIY Acne TreatmentsLocation a number of tablespoons of baking soda in a small dish and include adequate water to form a paste. You do not desire a paste that is to slushy or to thick. It ought to be merely thick enough to stick to your face.

Now you’re all set to apply it. Position a few of the paste to the affected area and carefully massage therapy in a round movement for about 10 to 15 secs.

If your skin is not delicate you could then leave it on until it dries out. If you do have sensitive skin it’s important to remove it after the 15 seconds. Some exploring will allow you know what to do that’s best for you.

Now wash your face off thoroughly with cozy water. Rub your face completely dry with an absorptive towel.

You might observe a little stinging feeling while the baking soda is on your face. You could additionally have some small soreness after washing but after a couple of mins that ought to go away and also allow your skin to glow.

You could additionally expect level of sensitivity to sunshine. So the sodium bicarbonate for acne treatment is best as a nighttime workout.

It’s likewise a smart idea to apply a cream suitable for you skin kind as well as copulate it on overnight as well as clean it off following early morning.

While prescribeds as well as over-the-counter medications can be a good choice for dealing with acne, a DIY acne treatment can be a desirable choice for individuals which want to stop it natural and also minimize their exposure to unsafe chemicals and also drugs.

Maintain in mind that utilizing a DIY acne treatment could be reliable, but it can likewise take a lot longer for you to see a renovation. If you could control the reasons you deal with acne escapements, you might likewise be able to enhance and decrease the strength as well as regularity of escapements. Bacne could usually be induced by irritation of your skin, or basically something massaging on the skin that aids to catch filth in the pores then may lead to infection or acne.

So exactly what kinds of DIY acne treatment exist? Some individuals advocate things they comprise out of their very own refrigerator. There are certain products that will certainly function if you make up a mask. There are a variety of masks that you could create in the house that you can put on your back. You can develop a mask by integrating numerous active ingredients into a paste and then using it.

A lemon mask is a combo of lime juice and increasinged water. Obviously, this will certainly not be a paste mask, but you could use it with cotton balls and enable it to dray on the skin. The normally happening astringent in lemon assists to minimize skin oil.

A basic tomato mask is made from crushed tomato pulp. Apply smashed tomato pulp straight to the affected area, allowing it to dry and also continue to be on the skin for half a hr. The vitamins in tomato – An and also C help to lower the dimension of pores.

Oatmeal is an additional handy substance. Prepare the oat meal, permit it to cool down and also add honey to it. Use it to your skin as well as leave it on for twenty mins. Oatmeal likewise eliminates excess oil from the skin as well as assists to avoid escapements.

Mint juice as well as turmeric could be rubbed onto your back and also left on for concerning fifteen mins. This combo minimizes inflammation as well as reduces the look of acne.

False address (Ayu Ting-Ting) -Key guitar, song lyrics and Review

False address (Ayu Ting-Ting) -Key guitar, song lyrics and Review

Everyone must know the correct with a song called “False Address” sung by Ayu Ting-ting, because this song is so booming in Indonesia, especially the range in 2011, so that from children to adults and older people who come to sing for love with this song. This song sounds melancholy with dangdut music catchy, and interestingly can attract people from all walks of life, although sometimes they are not a fan of dangdut music.


Melalaui this song arguably if Ayu Ting-ting also began to be known by the public, because when this song glides single market and started to reap success, Ayu Ting-ting themselves also often appeared in some events fill the kunci gitar last child private television station in Indonesia. Singer this one also has a melodious voice, pulling even when live on television-television also rarely Lip sync (lip sing), so it also shows kulitas of Ayu Ting-ting himself as a singer, besides there is also the opinion if Ayu Ting-ting sound more melodic and more character when live than when recording studio.


It also shows if the singer is not just rely on her beauty alone, but also the sound quality is no doubt that it has. If a little look at the biography Ayu Ting-ting, the singer whose real name is Ayu Rosmalina born in Depok West Java on June 20, 1992, in addition to singing star known Ayu also often be advertising, Modeling and also a student at the University of Guna Dharma.


Back on track false address, based on sources that we can track was created by a man named Dadan coming from Tasikmalaya, and these sources also indicate if the song “False Address” also became the best-selling song in 2011 with a total of 17.7258 million points.


If seen the theme of this song, the song “False Address” like telling someone who is looking for the presence of loved ones, but unfortunately that is the address that is not owned real or fake. So of course, for those of you who happened to be experiencing the same thing with this song, this song would be suitable for you as an outpouring of hearts content. Therefore, in this regard, and after a bit of discussing or reviewing song “False Address, here are the lyrics along with the chord or key guitar.

Virus (Slank) -Chord, lyrics and Review


Virus (Slank) -Chord, lyrics and Review

For you all the Slanker certainly very familiar with a hit song from your favorite music group titled “Virus”. The first song popular at the beginning of the era of the 2000s and the music video has also appeared on television, and radio in this country, where fans this song alone is the majority of young children. The song, entitled “Virus” There dialbum tenth of Slank, where the album has the same title as the title of his hit song is “Virus (album)” and was released in 2001.


In addition there is the tenth dialbum, this song also dialbum Virus Roadshow, where the album kunci gitar iwan fals contains a collection of songs while Slank perform live concerts in several cities in Indonesia, and was released in 2002. For the song “Virus” itself on the live album recorded when Slank concert in Central Kalimantan Palangkaraya, because the album Roadshow virus itself was not only recorded in one place only.


“Virus” is a song that has a slow wave tones, catchy or Javanese say ngelaras, so it is suitable for us to listen to when relaxing during leisure time, especially if accompanied by a glass of tea or coffee. Besides musical arranger who also sounded ngelaras make this song become more ngesoul, but it also refer to any incisions guitar with a technique that uses a metal slide by Abdee State Slank guitarist, so it also gives nuance to this song.


Although this song has the title of “Virus”, but it actually has a theme song about love making it suitable for young children, but it is a song that is long enough to be released probably this song also has special memories for you. In this regard and after a review or discuss about the song called “Virus”, here are the lyrics along with the chord or key guitar.

5 Mistakes In A Leading Business It Do Until You Do

5 Mistakes In A Leading Business It Do Until You Do

Run the business could not be released from the strong leadership element. Especially if you own the business that manages, the strong leadership you must have. Not only used for lead co – or your men, but also for your own lead in running the business.


Leadership is also not directly related to the leadership. Leader character can appear in anyone, and could even appear on a non-leader. A business will be able to walk on the right track in developing tracks are ideal if you have a soul – a reliable leadership.


But not infrequently the business became a big hit in the absence of a strong figure for his menahkodai. To be a strong leader, you have to avoid some of the negative character as a leader as below.


  1. Always Trying To Become Leader Feared


Indeed, when you feared by your subordinates, then every word or command will always be run by employees or subordinates. But do not like it, because if the situation continues to occur on an ongoing basis, do not be surprised if you will lose your subordinates sooner or later.


Such conditions are not healthy in relationships employee and employer communication. You better respected and admired because it has the appropriate integrity, than you push yourself to be the leader of a feared.


Especially if you always include threats to terrorize subordinates or try to show your power to subordinates. This will turn off the empathy and creation of your own employees that will eventually turn off the power of innovation company or your own business.


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  1. Never Ask for Feedback and Suggestions from Liege


Feelings are always correct themselves often can not be separated from a leader, because you feel as a leader means that you are the one truth. Keep those feelings if you want to get the respect of your subordinates.


Asking questions and soliciting input from subordinates against something you do not know is not a disgrace. Precisely by involving business team or your subordinates, a decision that you will take to become stronger.


It is also when you involve subordinates in various problems, will increasingly make subordinates feel needed by your presence. And of course it will make employees honored so that there will be a feeling of guarding against business you lead.


  1. Against Destructive Criticism Bottoms


Usually when a leader in a business with the feeling is always right, he could not accept the suggestion or criticism from others especially from subordinates. So if there is a subordinate who does not agree with you, it will definitely get criticism does not build up on you.


The tendency of subordinates to attack the leadership of the argument becomes very dangerous for the future of your business continuity. Criticism which are based on hatred will never solve the problem, it’s all just going to add a new problem.


  1. Not Balanced in Leading A Business


Because leadership is your business, then all subordinates in your view is the same alias makes no difference. Of subordinates or employees who have high integrity with which you are not treated equally. The motto of all is subordinate besides you here always proud of. Ignored and always close your eyes to what happened on your karyawana.


The concept of a negative outlook for a leader in business is certainly not good for everything. For employees, subordinates and even more so for future business development.


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  1. Considers Sharing Knowledge Is Stupid Actions


Share knowledge for the majority of business leaders is something very avoided. Usually they will be stingy to share their knowledge for fear of the match, his fear of science is reduced and a variety of other reasons. Transfer science stops from senior to junior in a business is certainly not an ideal situation for the development of a business.


Expectations of business development with the guidance of a leader who can be role models will not be achieved with the maximum. You remember well – well that sharing knowledge will not reduce your skill and experience, just the opposite of all that will make you more mature and adult in work.

The total area of ​​Indonesia and the population so large a population, followed by the growth of Internet users is very powerful from the big cities, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar and the others. Amazing potential, has glimpsed a large enterprise-class online businesses that seek to dominate the world through internet marketing in the archipelago. With their online marketing strategy involves a lot of people, ranging from web designer, webmaster with a strong understanding of web analytics, internet marketing expert to install conventional advertising jor rod, the goal remains one, Website get visitors (unique visitors) with a large and growing number. Specify a target, so that later the site, the business portal is able to dominate the competition. Step berikunya they will do monitized, bring in dollars profitable, very important for a business owner.

Facts above shows, online marketing is something that is very promising for investors, able to reach a wider market effective, bring visitors Web to increase product sales turnover significantly. For business owners who have not started, is now the right time, doing the right online marketing strategy. With relatively low investment, business or promotion you can work non stop 24 hours a day from retail businesses, wholesale businesses and distribute the product on the merchant nationally, regionally and even for the global market.

In order for online marketing done well, it takes the right online marketing strategy, effective marketing content, digital products and services in accordance with the needs and chill consumers, to introduce a new product strategy. As perpetrators are 100% internet marketing online world rely on to do business, we share the following tips for online marketing activities systematically. Internet marketing success is determined by proper research using the correct media and this can be done either by the provider of online promotional services. There are some very important parts, we call the online marketing strategy right.

SEO Online Marketing

Online Marketing Strategies

1. Very important is a must, do reseach, specify products and learn who the competitors online
2. Build a Website that is attractive, whether calculated by using Indonesian or English.
3. Create a plan of promotional work, the role of Web designers, Web developers important
4. Placing website on the first page of Google beat competitors with the help of expert SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO or PPC ads that have a sense of marketing principles of marketing, not a developer or expert coding
5. Manage email properly, quick response to design the auto responder
6. dominance over the competition chosen niche market (niche market product)
7. Discussions with internet marketing experts, analyzing site promotion tools supporting the election hinga
8. Perform post marketing articles on related websites, online promotions at different sites
9. Do a promotion or prize draw for leads that come from online
10. Blogging and interact with the online community
11. Use instant messenger for low cost and even free communication with customers
12. Maximize the use of social media, Facebook, Twitter micro blog, understand the concept of viral marketing

This online marketing strategy can be applied to many different business categories. Ranging from rare product sales to certain goods and services that require professional expertise. The goal remains one, get customers in meeting the needs and desires of consumers. A good marketing strategy takes a lot of companies to individual business people, corporations or SMEs, including the next steps, determine market segmentation so that targeted marketing tactics fit the intended target market of consumers.

It’s important for the company, understood to discover the needs of consumers, the estimated price (price tag) is appropriate for the prospect or the prospect that the marketing process goes well, directionally in line with expectations in general. Get more information tips like this at